Monday, October 16, 2017


On the day before the presidential election in 2016, my husband and I had a disagreement. For the first time in my adult life, I felt strongly that I should NOT vote for either candidate. However, my husband disagreed.

My husband and I are usually on the same page politically so I thought it strange that we disagreed on this one. So that evening, I did something I’m a bit embarrassed to say I had not done previously in any other election… I prayed. I got on my knees and asked God what He thought I should do. I specifically asked Him to either confirm my convictions to not vote in the election or speak to me clearly otherwise. Then I went to bed. That night, God not only gave me a very vivid and graphic dream, He gave me an immediate interpretation upon waking from that dream. This in and of itself spoke to the urgency of the matter.

In the dream, I saw an older white couple - a man and a woman - climb into bed to have sex. The couple were not married to each other therefore the act was considered blatant sin. In the dream, my husband suggested that we climb into bed with them – to also have sex. I was horrified that he would suggest such a thing, but he persisted to try and persuade me to do what I was not comfortable doing. Even though I strongly objected, eventually I gave in. So my husband and I climbed into the same bed with the white couple and lay next to them. Strangely, it appeared as if they did not see us or even know that we were there. What was also strange was my husband’s focus on the couple. He obsessively watched everything they did then tried to emulate their behavior. As much as I protested, there was nothing I could do so I helplessly watched in horror. Then I awoke.

Immediately upon waking, the Lord gave me the interpretation of the dream. The Lord made it known to me that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were evil. He then made it known to me that if I, or my husband, were to vote for either party, it would be likened to climbing into bed with their sin thus making their sin our sin. 

God further warned me that when we align ourselves with people, such as in an election, business partnerships and even marriage, we become spiritually attached to those people including the decisions they make on our behalf. God tells us that we must test the spirit to know the truth about a person for the spirit never lies. We are not to rely on what we see or what we hear for Satan is very clever and deceptive. There are many accounts in the Bible that demonstrate this principle. Countless number of seemingly innocent people have suffered devastating consequences on account of one person’s ruthless decision.

After I shared my dream and its interpretation with my husband, he knew it was from the Lord and agreed that neither of us should vote that day. Needless to say, now I take EVERYTHING to the Lord and ask for His guidance before I make a decision, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. 

This warning is apropos for every Believer, especially in these times and absolutely for the times that are to come. For you to make safe and productive decisions in your life you must live according to the leading of the Lord. For you to do that, you must have your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is only through Him that we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who enables us to test the spirit of others. It is impossible to discern the difference between what is wise and unwise without Him. How else will you be able to survive the deceptive web that is being weaved all around us? 

And let it be known that deception is everywhere in this world, including the Church. Satan has strategically planted his followers where they can do the most damage. So don't be fooled into relying on your physical eyes and ears to tell you the truth. If you are not spiritually astute, you are in danger of being deceived and destroyed. Now more than ever, you need Jesus Christ as your Savior, in more ways than you know.

The dream I had was a wake-up call for me. I pray that it will open your eyes as well.

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