Monday, November 6, 2017


Why it is so hard to obtain, maintain and remain in happiness? The truth of the matter is that chasing ‘happiness’ is not biblical. The Lord does not tell us to pursue happiness in this life. In fact, the pursuit of happiness is a false, deceptive and even unachievable endeavor, and yet it is the crux that motivates most of the people in this world. Happiness is a measurement many use to determine whether or not they have achieved real success. So, if true happiness is unachievable, what are you really living for?

People have been programmed into thinking their goal in life is to achieve the American dream which the world says is the pursuit of happiness. So they exhaust themselves trying to achieve it in whatever way they deem necessary. There are some who are so desperate, they will even sell their souls to the devil thinking he will help them possess it. Yet, still people die every day empty, unfulfilled and miserable for what they strive for can never be achieved.

Finding true and lasting happiness is not possible in a flawed, imperfect world full of flawed, imperfect people. Temporary worldly happiness is a counterfeit emotion that the enemy uses to replace eternal joy of the Lord. True, lasting happiness can only be achieved in a pure environment of righteousness, cleanliness, perfection and holiness. There is only one place where this exists. It is in the presence of God.

It is the discontentment in the people of this world that leads them into conditions such as depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addictions, divorce, etc. People are not being fulfilled so they search for an escape through money, careers, addictions, possessions and worldly relationships. But if you ask anyone who has achieved any or all of these things if they are truly happy, if they are honest, they will tell you that it has all been short-lived, at best.

The void people are trying to fill is one that only God can satisfy. He created us for relationship with Him and when this is absent, feelings of incompleteness sets in. This triggers a search for something or someone else hoping it will fulfill. The Bible tells us to turn away from our youthful lusts. Instead, we are to pursue God who tells us to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace. When we do this, God tells us He will give us the desires of our heart, according to His good and perfect Will for our lives. Consequently, if we delight ourselves in Him, our heart will only desire what He desires for us. The ways of man are only good to man but God weighs the truth of our spirit.

There is nothing wrong with having an appreciation for certain things in this world. I believe we all have certain preferences and desires. However, there is a fine line between having an appreciation for something and pursuing it at all cost. This is where the danger lies.

We are not to envy the things of this world, for like the world, they are fleeting and will eventually wither away. Instead, we should trust God above all things and follow His leading as to how we should live our lives. Concerning those who truly love the Lord and are committed to following Jesus Christ, the Bible says asks and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.

Although happiness is an emotion that cannot be sustained in this evil, chaotic world, it is possible to have joy in the midst of it all. The joy of the Lord is eternal. We receive it as the result of loving, obeying and following God. The Lord makes known to us His path for our life and when we follow His leading, we are in His presence and there we can experience the fullness of joy. Joy is felt as we rejoice in the hope we have in Jesus Christ which is always with us no matter what. At His right hand are treasures that He provides for us and these treasures are forevermore.

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