Monday, July 15, 2019


With so much in the news today about the exploitation of women, I felt it appropriate to share this story...

When I was much younger, I had dreams of becoming a high-fashion runway model. Beholding to the world’s standard of beauty, I believed the lie and thought I had all it took to become successful in the high fashion industry. So, while attending college, I jumped at the opportunity to model swimsuits for designers at an international apparel venue in Dallas.

In the beginning, the glitter and the glam was intoxicating and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I loved it. Why? Because all eyes were on me. Isn't that what success in this world is really all about?

To sashay oneself across a stage and down a narrow runway positioned high above gawking eyes, while wearing skimpy and barely-there, was the pinnacle of every woman - or so I thought. Amidst all that light shining down upon me, it wasn’t long before I discovered that there was also a dark side. Oh yes, there is always a dark side when you are modeling the world.

It all seemed exciting at first… the glamour, the clothes, the attention. But I was deceived. The evil in this world wants you to believe that women are a commodity - merely goods to be used for man’s pleasure. And we have contributed to this role by allowing ourselves to be debased on so many levels.

The truth is that this world is the devil’s playground. Those that run it and run around in it care nothing about me or you. Their only desire is to use you for their benefit. Ladies, if you allow it, this world will chew you up, extract all the sweet juice then spit you out for naught.

In an effort to make a self-serving name for myself, I became more and more preoccupied with self. The one-dimensional world that I lived in consumed me. I was self-destructing. It’s bad enough when you finally realize you are hurting yourself but it’s even worse when you recognize you have hurt those around you who truly love you. The decisions I made during that time in my life caused me to descend into a downward spiral. To be perfectly honest with you, I was quickly moving in the direction of Hell. I was out of control.

The Lord will often allow people to sink straight to the bottom so that they can clearly see that there is nowhere else to go but to the top. This is what happened to me. It was there, in that lonely place, that I met Jesus. He extended His hand to me and I took It. He lifted me high above it all and opened my eyes so that I could truly see the world for what it really was. Then He helped me step up onto the real stage of life. There He taught me how to walk the Walk and talk the Talk. Then He told me to strike a pose! For instead of modeling for the people, now I model for the King! And what do I wear? Beautiful, flowing fashions of Glory.

Jesus truly changed my life. Instead of dying in the lie, I am now living the Truth.

God created every woman beautiful. However, beauty is given not just for turning heads. The Lord does nothing unintentional. He is the Master Artisan. Everything He touches becomes His design of perfection. He intricately fashions the inside and the out for a specific purpose. There is a reason why you look the way you do, talk the way you do, act the way you do and think the way you do. You can believe that God is all about His base. And you are all about His custom-made plan predestined just for you. Are you aware of God's plan for your life? Better still, are you walking in it?

Ladies, young and old, how do you become a highly fashioned model for Christ? First, you seek Him. Your only job is to seek Him which will cause you to know Him which will cause you to love Him which will cause you to honor Him which will cause you to obey Him and, in turn, He will cause you to be clothed in beautiful fashions of righteousness.

Through Jesus, I discovered my God-given purpose. Through Jesus, you can discover yours.

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