Thursday, August 22, 2019


Recently, I heard the disturbing testimony of a former high-ranking Satan-worshiper who denounced his sin and is now serving Jesus - which is the only way one can truly leave a life of worshiping Satan. This man told of his devil-worshiping years that included confessions of him drinking blood, performing horrendous blood sacrifices, killing people (and trying to kill Christians) with witchcraft, using astral projection (his spirit leaving his body to travel at will) to invade people's homes, transforming into a wolf and having sex with women for the purpose of transferring demons from his body to theirs. He spoke of how he attended demon church from the age of eight years old (yes, Satan is also working to influence our children at school) all night, from 7:00 in the evening to 5:00 in the morning, so he could learn how to operate in the dark arts while he laughed at Christians as they ignored their bibles and complained about a two hour church service. Believers, he told of how witches and warlocks also speak in demonic tongues, are strictly held accountable for what they do for Satan (and are punished if they are not making timely progress), speak face to face with demons and clearly hear the voice of their god. Satan is such the counterfeiter.

The man divulged that the two most sacred months of the year for Satan-worshipers were October and December. He said demons mock Christians thinking them fools for they ignorantly open demonic doors for their children by allowing them to dress up on Halloween to celebrate the devil's day of sacrifice. He also explained how Satan-worshipers in December are busy planning their attacks on Christians while Christians are busy planning for Christmas.

The man also told an alarming story of how he dated a young Christian woman who had no discernment. As she gave her time and herself to this man, she had no idea she was having a relationship with a devil. He said he spent many days in the home of her Christian parents where they fed him and entertained him yet neither of them knew they were feeding and entertaining a devil.

This man spoke of visiting a Christian church. (Yes, there may be demons in your church.) While he was there, demons possessed his body and caused him to attack the pastor. He told how he lifted the pastor up off the floor by the neck and strangled him. The pastor turned purple while the people in the church looked on and did nothing. It took ten men to pry his hands off the neck of the pastor. No one in that church even attempted to cast out those demons! No one in that church was operating in power! Either the people in that church had no power because they were false Believers or they were ignorant about how to use it.

This is not a joke. This is a real matter of life and death hidden in plain sight. While many are living to play, the devil is playing to kill.

I was greatly troubled by this man's story that clearly reveals a lackadaisical attitude that is prevalent in the Church. A heavy burden was placed upon me so I took it to the Lord. And the Lord had something to say...

Over the course of however long it will take me to get the information out of me and into you, I will be speaking on the subjects of spiritual authority and power. As a Believer, you should be asking yourself the following questions: Are you aware of your position concerning spiritual authority and power over Satan and his demons? Does your church speak and teach on subjects concerning spiritual warfare? Are you able to discern demons in your midst? Are you playing church or the living Church? Do you have the power you need to defend yourself against your spiritual enemy? Most importantly, are you using that power?

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