Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Recently, I have received an influx of friend requests from people all over the world. When I asked the Lord what was going on, He brought to mind the following Scripture: "And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Matthew 24:14

I was then led to share the following dream and vision the Lord gave me two years ago...

On May 13th, 2017, I received this prophetic dream…

In the dream, I saw myself as the landlord for a large, diverse multi-family community. Within this community, there were many buildings. In each building there were three types of dwellings: Two single-story apartments on the left - one on the top-level and the other on the lower-level - and a two-story townhouse on the right.

I walked from building to building thoroughly examining each home for cleanliness and looking for any evidence of trash. First, I checked the front of each residence - the area that is most visible to the public. I then used my master-key and opened the door to check the inside of the residence – the interior where the tenant actually lives. Finally, I walked to the back of the house and opened the door to the patios and porches – the area where many hide the ugly things they don’t want anyone else to see.

As I examined each home, I noted everything I saw that was unclean. On the front door of the homes where I found dirt and trash, I left a written notice informing the tenant that they were in violation and at risk of being evicted. I gave them a warning to clean their house immediately. I also informed them that I would return very soon at an unspecified date to inspect their homes again and made it perfectly clear that if their house was still dirty at the time of my return, they would surely be evicted.

A few of the tenants took my warnings seriously and quickly did what was necessary to comply with my orders. Others were complacent and took their time to clean their house for they thought they had plenty of time to get it done. Then there were those who became angry. They complained and criticized me. These people rejected the warning and did nothing at all. The angry tenants said I had no right to tell them how to live their life for they felt they should be able to live any way they chose.

I, being the landlord, kindly explained to all the tenants that I owned the property therefore l have the authority to impose and enforce rules and guidelines that I deemed necessary to keep my property clean and in good order. I further explained that I would not force anyone to comply. Everyone had the freedom to do as they pleased however, no one could prevent the consequences that would surely follow their actions.

I then awoke from the dream.

After the dream, the Lord gave me the revelation. The Landlord I portrayed in the dream was a representation of Jesus. The buildings represented the world. The tenants represented the people. The apartments and town homes represented three categories of people who make up this world. The apartments which were located on the lower level represented those considered the least by the world. The apartments which were located on the upper-level represented those just above the least. The two-story townhomes represented those considered wealthy by the world. It was noted that the Landlord required everyone - regardless of their status - to comply with conditions that were set for everyone. No one was exempt, regardless of socioeconomic status, as Jesus is no respecter of persons.

The landlord in my dream carried a Master key which gave full access to everyone. Not only did the Landlord see the facade on the outside, the Landlord saw the inside, the true heart of the people. The Landlord also saw what many think are hidden. Jesus sees the truth, He sees all.

The message of the dream was this: “Get your house in order!”

The followinng day, the Lord gave me a vision in which I saw one capitalized and boldly printed word: 


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