In this day and age of ever-increasing evil, many wonder if God truly exists. And among those who believe, many wonder if God still speaks as He did in Biblical days. Based on my personal experience, I can testify to the truth when I tell you God is not only real, He is communicating with His people more now than ever before. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

When God speaks, it is not for our entertainment. He speaks to reveal His glory and to further His Kingdom plan. 

The Lord allows He voice to be heard in many ways. We hear God speak through the written word of the Holy Bible. We hear God speak through the Holy Spirit who dwells inside of every true Believer. It is my experience that we also hear God speak audibly as well as through divine dreams and visions. Although God speaks in many ways, the core of His focus is always the same. All revelation from the true and living Almight God always gives witness to the existence and power of Jesus Christ.

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